Beasiswa Kuliah dari Dinas Pendidikan Pemprov Riau

Salah satu hal yang saya syukuri dari berkuliah di Bandung adalah saya alhamdulillah bisa berkuliah gratis selama 4 tahun. Tanpa buat surat keterangan tidak mampu (sktm) atau pun mesti nyari-nyari info beasiswa sana sini. Lagian juga ngapain bohong buat-buat sktm kalau masih mampu demi bisa daftar-daftar beasiswa.

Sedikit cerita, awalnya saya mendapat informasi adanya beasiswa kuliah untuk beberapa universitas tertentu dalam dan luar negeri ┬áketika kelas 3 SMA tahun 2013 yang disampaikan oleh guru BK. Continue reading “Beasiswa Kuliah dari Dinas Pendidikan Pemprov Riau”


Mungkin hasil dapat menipu usaha yang telah dilakukan
Tetapi allah tidak akan mengabaikan usaha yang telah dilakukan hambanya

GFE Camp 2017 – Environmental issues in Indonesia

Hallo! My name is Ika Artika. I am a student in ITB majoring environmental engineering. Please kindly view, like, and comment my video campaign. Every your click is very precious for me. This is for selection Greeneration Friend of Earth Camp 2017.

Do you know Indonesia has many environmental issues?
What environmental issues do you know?

You can see it in the link below:

I hope this video will give you a little bit information about our environment.
What is the use of a house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?
Let’s come together to save our earth.

Location : Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia

Thank you!

#GFECamp2017 #greenerationfriendofearth


In the middle of chaos-era-everyday, i think i need to remind my story.
Last week, I attended studium generale (maybe this is the first and the last attendance). The first reason why i decided to attend is because the speaker, Pak Arcandra Tahar, the famous person in Indonesia today! He is very wise and calm person!

The most precious thing that I got is “the chance to hear a inspirational life story from people who have done incredible things” and ITB give many chances

“What things that undergraduate student (maha-siswa) can do to contribute in developing our beloved country?” – the most regularly question that always raise the head when doktrinisasi-time.
And you know the answer from Pak Candra? Very simple but striking. I said it realistic.

Before you thing to give ‘something’, look yourself. What do you have?
There are 3 steps you must have:
1. Competence, you will get from school, campus, training, etc.
2. Skill, you will get when you have implemented your competence, when you have did trial and error, win or loss, etc.
3. Experience, only time can answer it. Not only 1 or 2 years but you should through 10 or 20 years to become expert person.

Realistic, right?
And Pak Candra has proved it.

Now, I am still on the first step. It is so far to the 3 step and I am so far away to the time to answer ‘what contribution i can do?’.

Don’t ask many question to people. Ask yourself first. It’s will be a lie if you say something that is not your business and you assume yourself right.

In the junction of life,
When she in the bottom,
She still proud and love herself,
‘Yes, you did a good things’,’Yes i proud to be a student in a same almamater with inspirational people’